Myths and Facts

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Myth: MS degree from universities is not that great!

Facts: According to"times higher education" top universities list, Oxford University tops the list followed by Cambridge University and many other universities from the UK are in this top 100 list. You will be rewarded with lucrative job opportunities when you graduated from the best universities with in-demand skills. Your master's degree value depends on the reputation of the University well as the stream in which you earned the degree.

Myth: Cost of living in the UK is higher

Facts: The cost of living in the UK is nominal and will be similar to that of many well-developed countries. Not higher, Not cheaper.

Myth: tuition fee in UK universities are very high

Fact: No, the tuition fee in UK universities is comparatively very low. According to recent survey reports from the Survey of UK Postgraduate fee by times higher education you have to spend nominal amounts on tuition fees. Of course, you can choose the cheapest alternatives all over the world anytime but not the quality of education is not the same everywhere.