Complete Guide to UK Education

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

High Quality Education

The global respect for UK education is something that no other country has. You will be respected with lucrative career opportunities if you possess the right skills after your education in the UK.

Why Uk?

Well-Cultured Society

You will have friends from all over the world. The locals here are friendly and have the utmost respect for Indian brains. According to one of the world-renowned news agencies, the UK has the least racist attacks (almost negligible) when compared with other well-developed nations.

Excellent Place to live

You will not believe when we say that you will find at least one museum at every corner in England. Historical landmarks, eye feast colorful events and many more are there to make your stay exciting.

Part-time Jobs

You do not have to work illegally during your stay in the UK. You can work 20 hrs/week during your studies to support yourself. Visa-after study: The UK offers work visas for up to 2 years for er international students. While the other economies are at the edge of collapse, the economy of UK is stable and there might be chances of relaxing guidelines in a year or so.


Let us make one thing clear, UK education is not cheap. (of course, valuable things are always expensive.) But, you will have complete support from the university and the UK government to fund your education. There are many opportunities for international students to avail of scholarships and different funding options.

There are three specific reasons why one has to choose the UK for their higher education

1. Updated Visa Rules

Students studying in the UK can stay for two years after completion of their education. It used to be 4 months, but due to the increased requirement of the workforce in the UK, the government has decided to allow foreign students to stay in the country for two more years.

2. Excellent Career Opportunities

According to the Indian Graduate Outcomes, 2019 study conducted by UUK International, 80 percent of Indians who studied in the UK said that they get their dream job right after their education. You will land in lucrative jobs after your graduation and can have global work experience to grow faster in your career.

3. Best Universities In the world

Haver ever heard es, Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College of London? Well, these are just a few of the top universities in the UK. Rankings of these universities show the educational standards in the UK. al, ience As much as 40 percent of Nobel laureates are from the UK.

Apart from these, excellent opportunities for foreign students, a clean and safe educational environment and many more reasons are there to choose UK universities.


Universities in the UK offer a wide variety of courses to international students. From Business Administration to Artificial Intelligence UK universities provide all courses. Students can choose various modes (online / distance / part-time) of learning during their course of stay in the UK.

One of the main advantages of the UK university is courses are high flexible with excellent teaching faculty and infrastructure. Course duration will vary from 3 months to 2 years depending on the course you are taking.


This can be the most expensive thing during your graduation, but, hey, we got you covered. We will try our best to provide the cheapest accommodation. We have the best community of Indian students who can help you find accommodation.