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Business Visa:


Our ancestors have seen a world where moving from one country to another takes months often years. Forget about the business-immigration, employment-based immigration itself used to take so much time. Now, technology advancement, new immigration policies have changed everything. The world transformed into a small village erasing all the continental borders. 

Advancements in technology, groundbreaking developments in transportation systems, and creation of seamless global businesses have opened up a phenomenal demand for the World Savvy businessman to go out there and grow without limits. 


Countries like the USA, Canada, European countries, and other well-developed nations are offering excellent opportunities to attract global investors. Businessmen with proven track records and Entrepreneurs who are seeking to stamp an indelible mark on the global business front can now easily migrate abroad and make the world of global economies their showcase. 


People at FlyUrDream can help you achieve your dream of creating an International Enterprise that will re-write the benchmark standards of Global Trade.

FlyUrDream Business Visa Services include:



  • Evaluation and Assessment of eligibility.

  • Preparation of Client’s File.

  • Preparing thoroughly for interviews. (Where required)

  • Providing orientation sessions about the destination country and its lifestyle.

  • Personal Guidance on updating the client's profile and resume to make it marketable worldwide.

  • Formalities at the Port of Entry.

  • Airport pickup at the destination.

  • Initial stay at a Nominal Cost at the destination.

  • Assistance for post-landing documentation and extensive job search/placement assistance.


  • Recognition of dual citizenship.

  • Live and work in any occupation of your choice.

  • Several Citizenship Benefits to permanent residents.

  • Medical, education, and social benefits.

  • FREE Basic Comprehensive Health care.

  • FREE Education up to Secondary level.

  • Very small tuition fees for Post Secondary Education for Self and Dependents.

  • Unemployment Allowance after a certain period.





If you are a spouse, dependent, child, or family member of someone working in the US/UK/Canada, you can get a dependent visa. Anyone who is on a work visa or a permanent, resident visa are permitted to take their family along. Dependent Visa / Spouse Visa application is simple and its success is dependent on genuine intent, correct documentation & accurate forms. 


There are specific limitations on the dependents, based on the visa held by the sponsor such as the age of the dependents and the length of the relationship they share with the principal applicant who is settled overseas. 


Dependents may or may not be permitted to work. It depends on which country they are applying to and which visa category they fall under. Example: H1 Visa dependent/spouses are not permitted to work, while the UK allows dependents of work permit holders to work.



  • Spouse / Partner.

  • Fiance.

  • Same-sex civil partners proposed same-sex civil partners.

  • Unmarried Partners.

  • Children. (Age Criteria applies.)

  • Siblings.

  • Aged parents and Grandparents aged 65 years and above.


  • The Spouse Visa, Dependent Visa, Family Visa, Child Visa holder is permitted to stay overseas as long as the sponsor holds a valid visa.


  • Demonstrate that the person applying is related to the Sponsor and is financially dependent on the sponsor.

  • Demonstrate that the sponsor will be able to financially support and accommodate himself and his/her dependents without having recourse to public Funds.