Improving Lives Through Learning

FlyUrDream is an international educational consultancy based in the UK that is catering to the higher educational needs of Indian students all over the world. Established in 2012, FlyUrDream made it possible for thousands of students to get admitted into top-ranked universities. Not only educational services but FlyUrDream also has a dedicated team of experts who can smoothen the process of getting tourist/business/work/ visas for you. Founders of FlyUrDream who have studied abroad, they know what the road ahead is like and the impact your choice will have on your future. Our team of experienced counselors trained by partnered universities all over the world and a studied understanding of every step involved in the process strives to ensure that your journey is smooth and a step in the right direction. 

VISA Guidance & Support

For the students, Visa processing is a crucial milestone to clear. Due to a lack of proper information and improper guidance, many students lose the opportunity of obtaining the visa, despite having an admission letter. At FlyUrDream, we make sure that you succeed in getting your visa! Our professional approach and guidance will improve the visa chances and ensures that you reach your dreamland.


We will give you the latest information on

  • Documents required for the visa interview

  • Guidance on financial documentation

  • Visa application procedures

  • Interview preparation through mock interview sessions

  • Expected questions (and answers, if necessary) and

  • Tips & Tricks for successfully getting through the interview (when necessary)

We make you achieve your goal of studying abroad. Your Dream is our mission.

Work Desk


The Statement of Principles is based on an underlying ethical framework of:

Integrity – being straightforward and honest in all professional and business dealings; Objectivity – not allowing professional judgment to be compromised by bias or conflict of interest.

Professional competence and due care – maintaining professional knowledge and professional service, and acting diligently.

Transparency – declaring conflicts of interest to all clients, especially when service fees are charged to both the education provider and the prospective student.

Confidentiality – respecting and preserving the confidentiality of personal information acquired and not releasing such information to third parties without proper authorization; Professional behavior – acting in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and dealing with clients competently, diligently and fairly

Professionalism and purpose – acting in a manner that will serve the interests of clients and the wider society even at the expense of self-interest; recognizing that dedication to these principles is the means by which the profession can earn the trust and confidence of stakeholder groups (individual clients, the public, business, and government).

Our counselors are well experienced and trained by the British Council. We constantly review our services through our students’ feedback as we seek to do better.